The Perennial Team

Andrey Donets

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Andrey Donets is a Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at PerenniAL. He has 28 years of experience in the aluminum industry in roles involving sales, marketing, business strategy, project management and general management. Andrey’s prior positions include Downstream Group President at Rusal Corporation and Senior Vice President/Beverage Division at Rusal America Corporation; President, Alcoa Russia; President, Global Packaging at Alcoa; Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Rusal Corporation; General Manager, Beverage Can Division at Rusal Corporation; Vice President/Sales and Marketing, Beverage Can Division at Rusal Corporation; Sales Manager/Siberian Aluminum at Renova Aluminum; and Project Manager, Renova Aluminum.

Andrey is a volunteer at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth and other youth theater productions, and at the Hillwood Museum. He stays active with tennis, bicycling and hiking.

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