The Perennial Team

Jim Walters

Sr. Sales and Strategy Director

Jim Walters is Senior Sales and Strategy Director at PerenniAL. He has worked for 50 years in the aluminum industry and has extensive knowledge of management, sales and marketing, and commercial activities. Jim's prior positions include Senior Sales Consultant at Rusal Corporation; Sales Consultant at Vedanta Resources Limited; President of Hydro Aluminum; Vice President/Sales of Hydro Aluminum; Vice President/Global Sales of Hydro Magnesium; Primary Magnesium Manager of Hydro Magnesium; Product Manager at Hexcel Corporation; General Manager at Amax Magnesium; Export Sales Manager at Amax Magnesium; Vice President/Sales at Martin Marietta Aluminum; and Ingot and Billet Product Manager at Martin Marietta Aluminum.

Jim is a past board member of SECAT, Inc., a metallurgical research laboratory specializing in aluminum product and process technologies. He enjoys sailing in his free time.

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